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Cooke Residence

Posted on Dec 23

The Cooke’s wanted to add an addition to the back of their house. We helped them with several aspects of the project from laying out the addition to grading off the area when we were finished.

First, we worked with the Cooke’s to create an outline of the addition in the yard. Then we removed the topsoil and dug the footings that would eventually hold the foundation in place. Once those were in place, we laid the foundation walls and installed a radon pipe system.

With the basic foundation in place, we poured a concrete slab on grade. Slab on grade foundations are concrete slabs poured directly on the ground with no space between the ground and the concrete. This is often used in areas where the ground is not subject to freezing and therefore not likely to heave. Once we had everything just perfect for the Cooke’s, we graded off the area around the addition using excess dirt.

We will be returning in the spring to install a patio around this addition.