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Springfield Diner

Posted on Jun 26

We renovated the existing Benigain’s Restaurant in Springfield, PA. Although we only have a few of the photos available on the website, the work consisted of completing the footings, walls, floors, steps, dumpster pad, curbs, and sidewalks. The project was completed in December of 2010.

Snover Laundromat Foundation

Posted on Jun 26

This project was completed in the Fall of 2010 in Reading, PA. We helped the laundromat by completing all its floors including pouring the basement and two crawl spaces under the dryer areas.

Albright College Walkway

Posted on Sep 01

In September 2010, we helped Albright College pour a new ramp into one of their buildings and add a new landing at the top of the steps. This work was completed because they installed new steel columns, beams, and decking because they had rooted out and were unsafe.

Reading Curb

Posted on Jun 01

We replaced the curbs according to Shillington Borough’s specifications. This curb, along with numerous others in Shillington, had been replaced due to the five street renovations that will be occurring in the summer of 2011.

HHGREG Appliance Store

Posted on May 22

This project was the transformation from the old Circuit City into the new HHGREG Appliance store located on the Berkshire Mall Complex. We completed all the exterior concrete piers, curbs,  and sidewalks as directed by the Berkshire Mall and their drawings. This project was completed in April of 2010.

Reading Housing Authority

Posted on May 22

This project involved renovating the existing administration building to make it handicap accessible. We added a ramp with railing system, new curbs to create a van drop off zone and sidewalks with ADA truncated domes making this area ADA compliant. Read More

Eshelman’s Transportation, Inc.

Posted on Feb 23

This is a project we completed in February 2010 for Eshelman’s Transportation Inc. who asked us to install an epoxy coating system. Read More

Span Sign Footings

Posted on Aug 30

This project was completed in August 2009. We completed the excavation, forming, pouring, striping, rubbing, and clean up for the new footings to hold up the new span sign across the road where you enter Harrisburg Community College.

Candlewood Suites Hotel

Posted on Jan 30

This project was completed between 2008 and 2009. We completed all the footings, piers, leveling plates, walls, slab on deck, slab on grade, elevator pit, curbs, sidewalks & gazebo for this the Candlewood Suites Hotel built on Penn Avenue in West Reading, PA.